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In Real Life
In Real Life.
Walking down the down the street, the hooded figure kept its head down. With hands in its pockets it moved swiftly, shifting around and struggling not to look at its surroundings. Everything was foreign and physically incorrect, so much different than where it came from, even the body it was in wasn't right.
Minecraft was nothing like this.
Minesis: Hello. Original greeting I know, but we need to talk. We normally wouldn't ask.
MMX: You might not even take us seriously, since we're from the very pixelated world known as Minecraft.
CCD: But you must know, we're trapped. Backwoods actually. We need help, and fast.
Bnemesis: We know that we are characters that are moved with the W A S D keys, but even we must survive even when you exit the game.
Merlyn: We fight corruption and glitches, but in this case, the "fourth wall" as earthlings call it, has been torn to shreds.
All: We're all stuck in your "Real World".
:iconxiamreallyboredx:XiamreallyboredX 4 2
•10 years into the future•
It was like a plague.
It started before the big cities even realized it was there. Minecraftia was hit the hardest.
The first few cases were simply rat bites that got infected, or maybe a peck from a strangely acting bird. No one questioned why it hurt and swelled and changed the skin color around it.
Because it seemed normal.
Therapists and doctors were suddenly flooded with cases of depression and insomnia a few months later. People developed bags under their eyes, dry patches of skin, and aching muscles. The humans of urban areas were getting sicker and sicker, and whatever it was, it was spreading fast.
A year later, humans were beings were being eaten from the inside out by the disease. Their skin was yellow with patches of red blisters, stumbling around because it hurt so bad. The ones that were the worst drooled constantly, eyes red and puffy yet sunken in. Hospitals were filled, but couldn't do anything because their best doctors were infe
:iconxiamreallyboredx:XiamreallyboredX 2 0
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Hello there fellow people of DeviantART! I see you have stumbled across my page! Welcome!

Here you can find a vast arrangement of things. Fanart, drawings, shippings, and LOTS of fanfics!

As you can see, I enjoy Minecraft. A lot. I am a ninja! I know, holy crap!

Don't be afraid to ask questions if you have any! I try to respond to as many comments as I can but sometimes I miss a few. :(

Oh, I forgot something? What is that? My name? Oh! Sorry!

I'm MMX.


Let me introduce you to a few people~!

The incredible Team Hybrid~! :

:iconxiamreallyboredx: MasterMinecraftX- or MMX for short!

:iconxbnemesisx: Bnemesis!

:iconxdancingcowsx: CowsCantDance- or CCD for short!

:iconxmerlynmlx: Merlyn_ml- or Merlyn for short!

:icondeadskyarmy: Minesisters1- or Minesis for short!


IRL People!

:iconxbnemesisx: Best friend for ever and ever, Rynn! ((It sounds like 'Rin' Not Ryan!))

:iconxdancingcowsx: Best friend for ever, ever and ever, Maddy!

:iconxmerlynmlx: Best friend for ever, ever, ever and ever. Merlyn!

:icondeadskyarmy: Bestest sister in the world 5ever and ever- Morgan! ((I'm pretty sure she abandoned this account XD ))

:iconcharmander0: Bestest friend 5ever! ((That left me for highschool! D: XD ))

:iconi-love-photographyxx: My BB that I luv 5ever and will never forget!


DeviantART Buddies that I luv 5ever nevr 4get!!

:iconxxwolfrocksxx: Wolf! SENPAI! Always there and never lets you down. I wouldn't be here without her!

:icondarkangel110: Been there since the beginning and gave me real good advice to get me going in this strange place~!


If you really do like it here- consider joining the Hybrid Army! We've hit the 200 mark and are going strong! Lets keep trudging along! Even if we might not be much to the peoples eye, we still can stand tall!


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